Where Does It Go?

Jumping Girls 2685

Where does the summer go?!  I know we are smack dab in the middle of it, but I swear it was just April yesterday.  Usually summers move a bit slower at work for me, so that seems to roll over into moving slowly in general, but this summer has not been typical. Work's been crazy busy, so it seems the days are flying by way too quickly.
I took this picture of my girls in Boca Grande last week and wonder how the heck they got to be nearly nine years old already. And how the heck did they get so tall so quickly? Time is truly elusive, isn't it?  I have a stack of reports to write at work, a gazillion photos to edit here at home, jewelry waiting to be designed and an art journal that is severely neglected (and a sentence with terrible parallelism), and all I really want to do is just sit on the back porch swing and enjoy the breeze with my babies for hours on end.  Think I'll head that way now.  How's your summer going?


Rebeca Trevino said...

just look at 'em!
what a fun time they are having.

i know what you mean . . . i promised myself that i would keep a calendar of all of my appointments and miles traveled and art work completed and pieces sold . . . were here we are in july and nothin' . . . so i REALLY know what you mean when you say "where does it go?'

enjoy your summer

Lisa Graham said...

Looks like they are having an amazing Summer. This photo belongs on a giant board advertising a beach or water park. How fun!!!

emma-alittlebitofeverything said...

Lovely shot. Can't believe we're half way thru our summer season already!Part of me thinks thank goodness only 3 months to go, yay! & the other part thnks only 3 months to go? oh no....