Heart-Stealer of the Day

Snicker, Beagle/Lab mix

This morning, I did my usual summer Friday morning volunteering at Animal Care and Protective Services photographing the dogs.  And wow!  I didn't have much work to do today!  We had a HUGE adoption event at the fairgrounds this past weekend, in which all the area shelters banded together for advertising and marketing and brought all the animals to the fairgrounds.  About 950 dogs and cats were adopted over the three-day event!  Isn't that awesome!?  Every dog and cat at AC&PS was adopted! (This was an extra good thing, because the one who stole my heart last week, Sam, was coming home with me if he didn't get adopted this weekend....) So when I arrived today, there were only 13 dogs there (and the shelter holds more than 100), all new arrivals since Sunday. 

This little girl was the one who stole my heart today.  Her name is Snicker. She's a beagle/lab mix, sweet as she can be but pretty shy.  Look at that sweet little face.  I'm finally starting to accept that I can't bring home every animal I fall in love with, so I just have to leave little pieces of my heart there with them.  You can see all the dogs I've photographed recently in this Flickr set.


Lisa Graham said...

Aw...what a giving thing to do. I love animals. I would want to take them all home too and then my husband would probably make ME move out. What a gorgeous photo. I am going to go find you on Flickr.

windycindy said...

How amazing is what I say to you...
My brother was a Veterinarian for
33 years before he passed away at
57. ( He was a juvenile diabetic ).
We took in so many unwanted animals that I grew up having a pet fox, squirrel, racoons and more dogs and cats than I can even count! Kudos to you and your miracle working...
Thanks, Cindi

aimee said...

that is wonderful! i have a few friends in particular who would just melt over this post!