Furry Face of the Week: Tilt!


Meet Tilt! He was one of my portrait subjects this past Friday at Animal Care and Protective Services. When I posted my Friday shoot photos on my Facebook page, Jean asked me how I manage to take all these photos without wanting to take each and every one of them home. Well, it's not easy, but I'm getting better! This week, if I could have brought one home, it would have been Tilt.

See that tilt of the head? That's not just some cute expression (though it sure is a cute expression, isn't it?  Sandy wants to name him I-Lean, tee hee.). Doc's still trying to come to a final determination, but Tilt has either a neurological issue or a muscular issue. His head just always tilts just like that. It sure doesn't seem to slow him down a bit though! And he still happily chases and returns tennis balls. He's a great sport.

I also got a great little surprise while I was shooting on Friday. Two Fridays prior, I had lost one of my earrings...from one of my FAVORITE pairs that I've had for at least 15 years.  I've lost one of this pair several times over the years, and the missing one always seems to show up.  Well, wouldn't you know it, while Sandy and I were shooting, he saw a sparkle in the gravel and picked it up, and sure enough, it was my earring I lost two weeks ago. Yippee!   


cath c said...

yay found earring!

now i am curious about the cause of the tilt, too! please let us know.

Lisa Graham said...

The tilting dog with the tilting name...so cute!

Yay for found earrings!!! You must have an earring saint. :)

Heather W. said...

What a darling dog! I can see why you wanted to take him home!

Glad you found your earring!

Shari Sherman said...

Great shot Kelly! He's gorgeous...looks like a brown bear!