Sketchbook Project Fun Journal: Spread 21

Fun Journal 21

Oh, my long lost Fun Journal! I finally found it! And then promptly decided that since it still had empty pages in it, I needed to fill them. So even though I haven't worked in this journal in over a year and long ago declared it completed, I've reopened it!  Putting the Spiral Journal to the side until I finish out this book.  

I'm home with the girlies this week, so I finished this page yesterday and got started on a couple more pages last night. This spread includes pieces of amazing old ledgers that Cindy Woods of An Artful Journey recently sent me. They are beautiful! I started out adhering some of the ledger paper, and then did a squirt or two with a couple colors of green spray ink. I followed that with a random number stencil with the Denim ink..and then had to quietly walk away from the very large mess I had just created!  Came back later and cleaned up my mess, added in the Julius Ceaser leaves in gold on the sides and bottom and then popped the angel wings on top, first with more Demin and then outlined them with a silver Sharpie paint pen.

I glued pages together for the rest of this book, so I have about five or six spreads left to do!


Lisa Graham said...

Isn't it fun just to play? Hope you are enjoying your week!

Anonymous said...

It so fun to just et al the worry go and be a little silly sometimes. Laughter is great medicine.
Jacqueline P.
Jax, Fl

angie fraley said...

Some times messes are just darn fun! Love the way it looks.