Spiral Art Journal: Why Must it Go So Fast?

Spiral Journal Spread 4

Every night when I tuck the girls into bed, we have a ritual. First I ask each of them to tell me the best thing that happened that day, and then I sing each of them a little song, the same song every night. About a week or so ago, we had finished our nightly ritual, and as I was walking out the door, Sarah said, "Mama, why must it go so fast?" I replied, "Why must what go so fast, honey?" and she responded, "Everything, Mama....Sing the nite nite song again...but sing it slower this time..."

Um, wow. Such words of wisdom from a child. I posted the conversation on my Facebook page the next morning, and the other night I got around to making a journal page to remember it. I love this background, and I love these words...just wish I liked my handwriting! Fellow art journalers, what pen or marker do you most love to write with?


Kate said...

What a great memory you have recorded on these lovely pages. Just to encourage you, I don't know many people who like their own handwriting, but your girls will treasure your handwriting (I know because mine do!) You could try using a calligraphy marker (a very narrow one) and play around with it. Sometimes it adds a bit of pizzazz to your letters!

Baxter's Mom said...

So great! I love this! What a reminder!

Daisy Yellow said...

Sometimes I "write" my words with a paint brush, because I know they will be messy, and I won't care! Love the thought and experience behind these pages, and the idea of blogging about lovely moments.