Furry Face of the Week: Meet Chuck!

Chuck, American Bulldog /American Staffordshire Terrier mix

Seriously, how can you resist that face? This is Chuck. He's an American Bulldog mix. I actually had already photographed him the week prior to me taking this shot. Sandy had him outside when I arrived last week, so I just sat down in the chair next to this one and started getting my gear out. When I did, Chuck hopped up in the chair next to me and looked at me like he was saying, "You're back! That must mean you've come back for me!" I'm heading back in to the shelter tomorrow morning for another photo shoot, so I'm hoping someone has adopted Chuck. When I showed Benny this picture, even HE admitted Chuck looks like a keeper!
Chuck, American Bulldog/American Staffordshire Terrier mix

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Melody said...

Look at those soulful eyes.