Getting a Little Paint Mojo

This is the work of Tracy Verdugo
Sit Awhile By This Deep Pond of Love by Tracy Verdugo
In 90 short minutes, I will be hitting the road for St. Pete to take Tracy Verdugo's Paint Mojo class.  I am extremely excited...though I must admit I'm also quite intimidated by the 30" x 30" canvas on our supply list.  Yikes! It's big!  I've never considered myself a painter. I don't think I can paint realistic images. But that's what drew me to Tracy's work.  I love the awesome color (you know I'm a color girl), all the randomness of it all, and the way she seems to find images in all that randomness.  It's just gorgeous. 

This will be a fun little getaway for me.  I'm staying in a little mom 'n' pop hotel on the beach and plan to be up early enough to grab that beautiful early morning light for some good shell hunting before heading to class. Will have camera and shell gathering bucket in hand!  I'll share pictures of it all next week!  Wish me luck!

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