Sketchbook Project Fun Journal Spread 24: Superstar in the Bathtub

Fun Journal Spread 24

Spread 24 from the Fun Journal! A couple of weeks ago, I was having "one of those days."  It was only about 10:30am when I posted on my Facebook status that I needed Calgon to come take me away. Well, as luck would have it, my husband saw that post.  He didn't comment, but as I was driving home from work that afternoon, he called me to see what my ETA was.  When I arrived home, he and the girls were waiting in the driveway for me.  Benny took my work things and the girls escorted me upstairs and into the bedroom. They helped me get out of my work clothes, and then they walked me into the bathroom where the most awesome bubble bath was waiting for me. Along with my bubble bath was my book, a glass of tea and a plate of grapes and crackers.  Is that not the best way to come home from a tough day or what?  I am a lucky girl. This journal page commemorates that day!

The "moon" is from my stack of coffee filters that the girls and I inked up months ago. The top row of stars was cut from the strip of paper along the bottom, leaving me with another row of stars. I used acrylic paint, spray ink, oil pastels, and Sharpie paint pens.  Click here to see the rest of this journal.

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