Furry Face of the Week: Meet Storm


Hello! How are you!? I'm still here! Hope you are too! Things have been incredibly hectic around the Happy Shack, juggling end of term responsibilities at work and getting ready for Christmas with two little ones.  I'm still managing to make it by the shelter almost weekly, as these sweet furry faces lower my stress level dramatically.  Sometimes you really need that, don't you!?

This is Storm, a very sweet lab mix new to the shelter.  Happy face, isn't it?  We had a huge adoption event at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds the first weekend in December (while I was at Market Days), and every single cat and dog at the shelter where I volunteer either went to a new home or to a rescue organization.  Yay!  More than 850 dogs and cats were adopted that weekend. Remember: adopt, don't shop!  Find your new best friend at your nearest animal shelter, not a pet store.  I hope you are enjoying your holiday season! 

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Melody said...

What a sweet smile.