Making and Going and Doing and Baking

Custom Mother's Bracelets

This time of year, I get quite a few custom orders for mother's bracelets. I enjoy making these because they take me back to my jewelry roots. The very first jewelry piece I created was a mother's bracelet for myself. I still wear it regularly!

Speaking of those two little girls that prompted my foray into jewelry design, we've been home all week enjoying the Christmas break.  Let me tell you, I love these girls, but they sure can wear a mama out!   We have been non-stop going and rides, walks, meeting friends for lunch, last minute shopping trips, and today we are baking.  The girls have even made Christmas presents for each other with their own jewelry designs.  There's one under the tree for me from Olivia too!  Her creating that was actually quite funny.  They both do fine coming up with designs, but they haven't mastered adding crimp beads and attaching the clasp.  So once Olivia finished my necklace, she realized I had to help her put the clasp on.  That was quite the task, not really being able to look at it!  We'll see how I did blinded when I open it on Christmas morning! 

I hope you are enjoying your holiday season!   

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ELLIE said...

I have saved everything my kids made me---they are all priceless--enjoy it all!!!!! have a beautiful New Year!!!