Furry Face of the Week: Meet Hanna!


I spent yesterday morning at the shelter photographing sweet furry faces.  This is Hanna.  What a sweet, sweet girl!  She loves to play ball, and not only will she fetch, she'll also bring the ball back to you and drop it at your feet to throw again.  I often wonder how dogs like Hanna end up at the shelter. She's a great looking dog, great temperment, and obviously someone took some time to train her.  I'm not sure if she was an owner surrender or a stray, but she's a wonderful dog. 

Since I love my weekly visits to the shelter so much, I decided to see if I could get more involved in Friends of Jacksonville Animals.  FOJA is the fundraising group that supports Animal Care & Protective Services. Since ACPS is run by the city, they often don't have the budget for heartworm treatments or any surgeries the animals may need other than spaying or neutering.  FOJA raises funds to make sure the animals have what they need.  I reached out to FOJA'a president, the lovely Jill Mero, and I'm now the official FOJA Photo Advisor!  I'll be trying to recruit new volunteer photographers and orienting them to photographing the animals.  I'm looking forward to my new role! 

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Melody said...

She smiles with her eyes. That's true happiness.

Congrats on your new role! Keep us updated.