Best Shot Monday: Classic RayBans

Olivia RayBans-72

When I was college I wore classic RayBan aviators like these. I still have that 25-year-old pair put away in my desk. Olivia pulled these out of the console in my van and started hamming it up. Good Lord help me, I can already see the college girl in this picture. The girls will hit double digits this summer, 10 in July.  Hard to believe it's been nearly ten years and they'll be out the door and to college themselves in another eight.

Today is my 18th wedding anniversary.  Benny and I had our first date Memorial Day weekend 21 years ago, going to a Jacksonville Suns game, and got married 18 years ago today, Memorial Day. To celebrate, we took the girls to a Suns game Saturday night and have been enjoying a day playing on the dock and in the river today.   

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Kerri said...

our anniversaries are about a week off, and i've got one extra year on you! congrats!!