Best Shot Monday, Sweet Yellow Daisy

Lily pond daisy-72

I recently bit the bullet and bought the 18-300mm zoom I've been wanting for nearly two years now. It is by far the most expensive lens I own, but by far not the most expensive lens out there! When you really get to looking, it's amazing how much moola you could spend on camera gear if you had unlimited funds!

I took this shot at the zoo with that very lens.  The neat thing about a telephoto lens like this is you can get a short range of focus on a long lens.  That allowed me to get this sweet little daisy in focus while the pond behind it is completely blurred out.  I took this shot in the zoo's garden area. I was about five feet away from the daisy as it stretched its pretty little self out over the pond.  Lots more playing to do with this lens...and at the recommendation of a fellow photographer friend, I purchased a monopod to help me with it as one of things I learned while taking it on its inaugural shoot at the zoo is that it's darn heavy!

Hope you had a lovely weekend. The girls and I spent Saturday with several other moms and daughters for our Mermaids and Mamas mini camp. Even though we didn't get the overnight experience this year, it worked out perfectly doing it at the house.  We got plenty of art time, the girls got plenty of play time, and my studio was just steps away to grab last minute supply ideas.  Sunday, we had a family beach day, our first this summer!      

Have a best shot you'd like to share?  Post a link to in in the comments! 

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