Best Shot Monday

Pink Daisy with water-72

We've had an incredibly rainy four days with extremely high tides, so the girlies have been having a great time kayaking in the back yard during high tide (yes, I said kayaking in the back yard...when the tides are this high, the river moves in!). As I mentioned in last week's Best Shot Monday (on a Thursday...) we have several pots of daisies on the back deck. I was lucky enough to catch this one during a break in the rain with some pretty raindrops still hanging on.

My craziness finally wrapped up yesterday with our Commencement ceremony. We do two ceremonies in one day, so it makes for a very long day, but at least we get it all done in one day. With a good nine hours standing on a hard concrete floor, my back and knees are always screaming by the end of the day, but I love Commencement.  So fun to see all those happy students cross the stage, particularly those I've had so much direct involvement with.  Now that the Spring term is over, I'll be able to catch my breath a bit and hopefully be able to catch up on some art-making and listing new jewelry pieces I haven't had time to post yet.  Things slow down a bit in the office for us during summer term as well, so it's end of the academic year report writing time.  I hope your May has started off bright and sunny!

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