Decluttering and Destashing...

Purple Soup 2

Remember my post about my magazine addiction? Well I'm coming clean on another front today: I'm a bead junkie. Yes, I suppose you would say that since I'm a jewelry designer I need to be a bead junkie, but there must be limits. There are a couple suppliers I purchase from regularly who suck me in with an email almost every time. It's getting to be embarrassing really. I'm afraid those people from that hoarders show are going to show up one day and find me buried under a pile of beads.

So I've been working on saying goodbye to some old friends here lately, listing more and more beads in my destash shop. Now the challenge is how to keep the "destash" beads organized and away from the "I will never part with you" beads so that when I do get a destash order, I can find it without having to unearth my entire workshop. I'm still working on that part! In the event you would like to start a new addiction, I've got some bead bargains in my destash shop with more to come over the next few weeks!

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Becca said...

Hum, magazines and beads...I can understand an addiction to those! Happy weekend to you Kelly!