New Jewelry Pieces!

Green Agate Neck

I've been slowly but surely photographing all my newer jewelry pieces to get them uploaded to my Etsy shop and website. Sarah was an excellent assistant this past weekend, holding my reflector card just right to shine the best light on the pieces. She's hired! It's nice to have helpers...when I can keep their attention. This is one of my newer necklaces. I've been trying to work my way through the huge bin of semi-precious stone stones I have in addition to working up more of my signature lampwork pieces. I'm really happy with the way this one turned out. Very elegant.  I used a large smooth green agate teardrop, paired with those gorgeous clear citrine nuggets and emerald crystals. All silver is sterling. You can find it over in my Etsy shop with lots of other new pieces.

The girls have also been working on building their inventory of scrabble tile pendants back up, but it sounds like they have plans to give them all away to their friends instead of selling them at the Riverside Arts Market!  They'll make the perfect end of the school year gifts. I can't believe the last day of school for them is a week from Friday!


Kerri said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love the colors!

Danielle V. said...

Oh, how gorgeous! Really loving these colors.