Best Shot Monday: Meet Dudley

Dudley, Pitt Bull mix

I was going through my ACPS Flickr album recently and realized I've photographed more than 600 animals for ACPS since I started volunteering there.  And even with that, that's only a drop in the bucket compared to the number I'd be photographing if I were able to photograph every adoptable animal that comes through their doors. 

But amazingly, when I photographed Dudley this past Friday, the moment he looked into my eyes and I made that first click, I was positive I had photographed Dudley months and months ago.  Sure enough, when I got home, I went back through my files and found this original photo. Once I saw it, I remembered why I remembered Dudley so clearly.  The photo above is one of my all-time favorites, and it's Dudley in November 2012.  He just seemed to be speaking so clearly to me: you must find me a home. 

Well, we did find him a home, but unfortunately, now eight months later, they brought him back. That breaks my heart for him.  He's a sweet boy.  I never know why animals are surrendered.  I can understand a military deployment as we are in a military town, but just deciding you don't want a dog or cat anymore just blows my mind.  I simply can't imagine it.  We've been having marking issues with Tink lately (and I can now attest that you truly can wash the down-filled covers on your Pottery Barn sofa...), but that doesn't mean I'd ever give her up.  Hopefully, sweet Dudley will feel the true love of a family again soon. Until then, he'll be in my prayers.    

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Melody said...

Hopefully he will get his forever home soon.