Best Shot Monday: Jonathan and Josie

Josie and Jonathan

Meet Jonathan and Josie!  They are our two current foster kittens.  And let me tell you, these are the two most people friendly cats I have ever come across. The girls have been mounting quite the campaign to keep them (and, gasp, even Benny has been somewhat supporting them...).  Some of their logic?  Sarah says, "Mama, can't you see that M on their foreheads?! That's for Mama! They've already chosen you!" Olivia is going the heart-tugging route saying, "But Mama, they were here when Aunt Livy died and are helping me get through losing her." (She's really good, isn't she?  But she does have a very good point there....)

This, my friends, is the hardest part about fostering.  There is no way to remain unattached and objective.  Honestly, you wouldn't be doing your job as a foster if you were to remain unattached and objective.  Part of a foster's job is to socialize a shelter pet.  And how do you socialize?  You spend time playing with them and teaching them that humans can give them love.  And what happens then?  You get attached and totally un-objective!  But you have to remember that you are saving a life or two and getting them ready for their furever homes (yes, I have to keep reminding myself of that as well since we already have two cats and two dogs.)

Olivia, as usual, has been living up to her title of "Most Awesome Kitty Mama," and is just ecstatic that we came across a little invention called the Litter Genie at Target yesterday.  So far, I must admit, it does seem to work rather well. I can attest that I did not have the same success with the Diaper Genie. This picture was pure luck.  I went downstairs to grab a load of laundry out of the dryer and saw these two sitting on this pink pillow next to the window just like they were waiting there for me to take their picture.  Surprisingly enough, they didn't move when I ran to get my camera! Perfectly posed.

So far, it appears Jonathan has selected me as his human while Josie appears to have taken a shine to Sarah (and, of course, both of them adore Olivia), but I know that whoever ends up permanently adopting these two will be showered with just as much as love as they are giving us. They love to cuddle and come running as soon as we come downstairs, looking at us like "Pick me up! Pick me up!"  Once we do pick them up, we are covered in kitty kisses before they settle in on the shoulders of whoever picked them up.  They are incredibly affectionate. 

If you are in the Jacksonville area and would like to become a foster, we sure could use you! Friends of Jacksonville Animals will be conducting a Foster Parent 101 class for Animal Care and Protective Services this Saturday, September 14, at 8:30am, at ACPS, 2020 Forest Street, Jacksonville. No RSVP needed!  Just show up!