The Moments: Day 18, Fashion Forward!

Ready for the school dance today. My twin girls' very different personalities definitely come out in their fashion choices.  #shoes #fashion #kidstyle #themomentschallenge

Though my girls are twins, they have very different personalities and very different fashion styles. Sarah is my crazy dresser. I love her color combinations and fearlessness. Olivia has more of a classic style. Most mornings we take our "Daily Dose of Awesomeness" photo on our front steps. I had already taken that full body shot and we were on our way to school when it hit me that a perfect Moments shot would be just the shoes and socks (or no socks!). So we pulled over near the cow pasture and hopped out and took this shot.

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Sandi Smith said...

I love the look, so stylish!!!! They are definitely different but both adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

what an awesome photo!! where did you get those socks? i know at least one of my girls would love to have her legs clad in such colors :)

Quiltin' Mama said...

Love this!! Just makes me smile!

Unknown said...

This is just awesome! ...and adorable :)