The Moments: Day 6

Morning boat ride.  #boat #water #girl #themomentschallenge

"Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air..." ~ Emerson 

We finally made it out this morning for a morning boat ride! This is more monumental than you may think. Yes, we live on the river and have a boat and boat lift. However, up until about two weeks ago, the boat had been sitting on the trailer in the driveway for two years. Two years, I tell ya! I had about given up it ever seeing water again when I came home from work one afternoon to find Benny and the girls waiting for me on the dock...with the boat back on the lift. We didn't go too far this morning, but it was wonderful to get out on the water and feel the salt air blowing on my face.

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Quiltin' Mama said...

Good for you getting the boat in the water and using it! We have the same mountains, well not a boat on a river . . . wishful thinking but other things that should seemingly happen easily but instead seem to take a mountain before we actually get to do/see the thing. Frustrating on this end. Way to go!