Best Shot Monday: Nags Head Flowers

Nags Head Flowers

One of the classes I took while at Serendipity was a photography class with Kate Inglis. Kate covered quite a bit of technical information the first couple hours of the class, really stuff that I learned way back when I took photography classes in college. But there were so many great reminders! When I photograph at the shelter, I'm not able to get very creative with my photography simply because I have to work so quickly. I can only keep the dogs' attention so long! And Lord help me if I'm working with the cats!

One of the things Kate reminded me of though is the magic you can create using different aperture settings. She shared with us that despite all the photography purists who say that "you must always shoot in manual to be a real photographer," you really don't have to do that. Apeture mode gives you lots of options! So this photo was taken in aperture mode, with a 35mm fixed lens set on 2.0 aperture. Believe or not, this is straight out of the camera and there was a garbage can in the background! But thanks to the incredibly shallow depth of field achieved with a 2.0 aperture, the background just fades away. Thanks for teaching me new tricks and reminding me of all the things I've forgotten about, Kate!   

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