Wednesday, November 27, 2013

iHanna's Annual Postcard Swap!

Postcard swap 2013-2
I'm participating in iHanna's annual postcard swap again this year.  I'm behind as usual, but I finally got these out in the mail this week, off to swappers all over the globe! I've already received a few myself from as far away as Sweden.  Once mine all arrive, I'll scan them all and share with you here.
Since I was pressed for time, here's how I did mine. I started out with a large sheet of watercolor paper and brushed water all over it. Then I sprayed it with spray inks in coordinating colors, picked it up and dripped it around a bit, and then layed another sheet of watercolor paper on top. I then pulled up the top sheet, leaving color on both sheets. Then I sprinkled kosher salt all over each sheet and let them dry. Then those sheets stayed like that, laying out on my work bench to dry, for, oh, about a week. No, it doesn't take a week to dry. It just took me that long to get back to them! I cut them down to 4"x6", and then when I was at Michael's with the girls this weekend, I spotted these cool tree stickers and got an idea. I found the cloud stickers, added some washi tape and some scribbles, and viola, done.
  Postcard swap 2013-1


Quiltin' Mama said...

Beautiful! I also make a master-board out of acrylics or watercolor or sometimes a mix with some pan pastel thrown in. Then i cut it up and embellish. I enjoy the 4x6 size. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelly Warren said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Thanks for stopping back in.

Betty Richardson said...

What a lovely and beautiful surprise in my mailbox today! I love getting gorgeous Florida sunshine in the midst of this bizarre cold weather we are having here in north Texas. But this too shall soon pass and we'll be back to our wonderful "fall" weather by tomorrow and later into the week. I love all the textures on my card. Thanks for sharing your talents with me!

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

I´m late over here but wanted to let you know I have received your beautiful postcard. I love it. It´s one of my favorites in this swap. Thank you so much :-)

Adrianne in Portland said...

Thanks for the post card Kelly! I love that alphabet border. I noticed on the weather map that FL (and HI) are the only places above 70 right now! It's 20 degrees in Portland, Oregon which is very unusual. Happy Birthday and I love the shelter dogs playing in groups. Thanks for sharing!

iHanna said...

Thanks for sharing your postcards, I have received mine and love it! You are a star Kelly! :-)

Keep shining!