The Documented Life: The Beginning and Challenge 1

Kelly's book tabs
The tabs on my journal, made with scrapbook cardstock and gel medium for strength
The girls and I are participating in "The Documented Life" project put together by Art to the 5th, including my friend Roben-Marie Smith. This is a wonderful project and the girls are having a great time with it!
Kelly's book
Side of my book with all the extra pages tipped in with washi tape.  We LOVE washi tape!
I didn't get a chance to photograph Sarah's book yet as she's had it squirreled away in her room, but she and Olivia have done basically the same things so far.
Week 1-Door-Olivia-72
Olivia's drawing of our front door
The first week's challenge was to depict your front door, either in a photograph, drawing, painting, whatever you felt comfortable with. I went the photo route, but both Sarah and Olivia drew a very good rendition of our front door.
I'll try to post updates for this project weekly as we complete our weekly challenges. Consider joining us! You can find out all about the project here. See more Documented Life posts here.
Week 1-Door-Kelly
My front door challenge

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