The Documented Life: Challenge 3

We've been keeping up pretty well with The Documented Life project. I've just been behind in photographing our pages! Because these journals are already so thick due to all the tips ins, they are difficult to scan! Below are our Challenge 3 entries.  Challenge 3 was to incorporate something from the mail into your page.
Week 3-Kelly

I added in a cut-in-half piece of a window envelope and then inserted a couple of the girls' pictures in the pocket (above).

Week 3-Sarah

Sarah did something similar, using the other half of my envelope and then adding in a vintage postcard (above).

Week 3-Olivia

Olivia also went the vintage postcard route, just using that as the "mail" she included (above). Speaking of vintage postcards, I think I've already mentioned here that I'm an addict. While the girls were looking through my postcards to pick one to add for this week's challenge, I got completely sidetracked by organizing all those postcards. Why I felt the need to do that at that moment, I have no clue, but now at least all my city postcards are organized.

I hope to post Challenge 4 tomorrow! You can still join in on this project here!  The weekly challenges and inspiration are free.  There is an optional class to learn to create all the tips in and paint you cover for $12.  Totally worth it!  See more Documented Life posts here.

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