The Documented Life: Challenges 5 and 6

Catching up on posting! The redheads and I are really enjoying this project. Here are Challenges 5 and 6.
Week 5-Kelly

Challenge 5 was to draw a doodle along one side. My doodle is along the left side, and then I added a little bling to it (above)!

Week 5-Olivia

Olivia doodled along both sides and drew a great palm tree (above).

Week 5-Sarah

Sarah already had this tagged tipped in for this week, so she just added her doodles and two of her favorite heart stamps.

Week 6-Kelly

Challenge 6 was to draw inspiration from one of your favorite Pinterest pins. I love Roben-Marie Smith's work (one of our hostesses for this project). I created this little collage on the back of one of Roben-Marie's postcards, which I had already tipped into this week's page. That was a little bit of serendipity (above)! 

Week 6-Olivia

Olivia found a great VW bus in her favorite color and drew it in her book. You can see her inspiration here (above).

Week 6-Sarah

Sarah also took her inspiration from a vintage auto (above). You can see her inspiration here.

You can still join in on this project here! See more Documented Life posts here.


Quiltin' Mama said...

Very cool pages, Purple van and pink Cadillac . . are pretty classy!

Roben-Marie said...

How fun Kelly! I love that your daughters are participating! You are very sweet and I am glad you have found inspiration in my work. I saw another artist in the group used one of my postcards on her page and it was so cool to see that. :) Have a great weekend and keep posting...I love seeing all the pretty pages you all are creating! I have an idea...I will e-mail you! :)