The Documented Life: Challenges 7 and 8

Back to share another two weeks of The Documented Life project.  The girls and I are keeping up with the art journaling challenges, but we are still trying to get the hang of the planning out our days part!  Challenge 7 was to repeat a pattern.

Week 7-Kelly

I chose repeating hearts (above).

Week 7-Olivia

Olivia chose repeating owls and dogs, her two favorite things (above).

Week 7-Sarah

Sarah used a cut off celery stalk as a stamp to make repeating flowers (above). She really did a great job with this!

Challenge 8 was to add a flap to your flap or tip in that was already there for that week.

Week 8-Kelly
Week 8-Kelly

I added in an "Index Card a Day" card I made last year. Finally coming in handy (above)!

Week 8-Olivia

Olivia snagged a tag I made last year to add to her flap (above).

Week 8-Sarah
Week 8-Sarah

Sarah added two flaps, highlighting her favorite snack (above).

Back with more soon! You can still join in on this free project here! Click here for our other 2014 Documented Life Project posts.

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Quiltin' Mama said...

Everyone's pages are beautiful and unique!! Like the repeating patterns!!!