Best Shot Monday: Flowering Plum

Flowering Plum 8 x 12
Happy Monday!  I didn't take many pictures during my Artful Journey trip this year, which is unusual for me. We had a quite a bit of rain while we were there, so it was difficult to get out and about with my camera safely. This was one lovely shot I captured, though, if I remember correctly on the first day. The grounds at the Presentation Center are spotted with flowering plum trees. At least I think that's what this is.  Please correct me if you know better! This was taken with a 35mm prime lens, aperture mode, f 2.8. 

I  spent the last five days at the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities National Programming Conference with my students.  There are educational sessions in the mornings, and then after lunch, it's back to back showcases until late into the evening. It's great having the opportunity to see so much talent, but, let me tell ya, it's exhausting!  Over the course of the conference, we watched at least 60-70 singers/musicians, spoken word artists, novelty acts like magicians and jugglers, and speakers on various subjects.  My two favorite for the conference were Emily Hearn and The Mulligan Brothers. One of greatest benefits of being a campus entertainment programmer is that you get free CDs.  :-)  Go check them out!  Hoping to get them to campus! 

Have a great week!

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Becca said...

Beautiful shot!