Best Shot Monday: Meet Miller

Meet Miller. This isn't the best shot I've ever taken, but it was a very difficult one. As I've mentioned before, so many of these shelter dogs just amaze me. I don't know what Miller's story is, but the sadness in his eyes is clearly evident. He's a Pit mix, with big ole bulldog shoulders and a bit of a bow leg up front. He walks as if his shoulders hurt.  But oh my, how he loves.

The reason the shot was difficult to take was because every time I tried to squat down to photograph him, he just gently crawled in my lap and lay his head there. He just wanted to be loved. For this photo, I'm actually on my butt, leaning as far back as I possibly can up against the fence.  I had to clone my knee out of the bottom right corner as it was clearly in the photo almost up to Miller's snout. I'll worry about this boy until he's safely in his forever home getting the love he so dearly needs and deserves. 

In Jacksonville and want to meet Miller?  Visit Animal Care and Protective Services at 2020 Forest Street in Riverside.  They are open Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm.  Miller's ID number is A817990, and he'll love you like no other.  Give a shelter dog a chance. Adopt today.

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