The Documented Life: Challenges 9 and 10

The girlies and I got caught up on our Documented Life project this weekend, so here's two more week's worth of challenges!
 Week 9-Kelly 
Challenge 9 was to collage something you recycled. I used a paper towel I had been wiping my hands on. You see my favorite colors in it! (above)

Week 9-Olivia 
Olivia used a box piece from her favorite Pop Tarts (above) and collaged a flower on the back (below).
 Week 9-Olivia

Week 9-Sarah 
 Sarah pulled some things out of a magazine flyer we got in the mail that day (above). 

Week 10-Kelly 
Challenge 10 was "What Makes Me Me?" I'm a beach loving, shell collecting, mess making Mama who loves her family, loves to explore, is addicted to her morning McDonald's large sweet tea/half cut, and is always late (above).  I tried Terri Kahr's background tutorial on the dates pages. Still working on getting the feel for that!
 Week 10-Livvie 
Olivia's is pretty easy to read! Elmo is her lovey, her favorite pillow. And I love that she put foster mama on there and drew a couple kittens and a dog (above).
 Week 10-Sarah 
Sarah included her lovey too, Bunny. She also included Girl Scouts and Greek and Roman Mythology because she is immersed in the Rick Riordan books right now. She's finished the whole Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and is on book three of the Heroes of Olympus series. She has been powering through those 500+ page books about every 10 days! 

I post Challenges 11 and 12 next week. Thanks for stopping in to visit!

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