The Documented Life: Challenges 11 and 12

Week 11-Kelly

Back with more of our Documented Life project! Challenge 11 was "Put a Bird on It." Part of my goal with the project is to use only things I have on hand. And I have a ton of scraps and stuff on hand! I've had these sticker letters around for a while and you've seen them pop up on other pages as well. The background here is some painted deli paper I used to protect my work space while journaling. I pulled the bird from a pile of collage bits I had (above).

Week 11-Olivia

Olivia already had a pretty piece of scrapbook paper as this week's tip in, so she added to it. The two birds are fabric birds I found on Etsy at least two years ago. Finally getting used! I also found the stickers on Etsy and use them on random mailings (above).

Week 11-Sarah

Sarah also used two of the fabric birds I had and drew a tree for them to live in. We talked a lot about backgrounds this week and the importance of taking our time and not rushing through something just to get the "assignment" done. Lots of lessons there, both in journaling and even more so in life (above).

Week 12-Kelly

Challenge 12 was "Cut Up a Magazine." Magazines are definitely not in short supply around here, so we had plenty to leaf through and cut. I started with a bowl of strawberries as the base, which you can hardly see anymore. Then I added the pink flower, then the cat, and then the green flowers, cut with a punch. I topped it off with a little rhinestone collar for the cat and a white Sharpie paint pen for highlights (above).

Week 12-Olivia

Olivia went with her favorite theme: animals! She started by coloring the background and then added a collage of dogs (above).

Week 12-Sarah

Sarah went with a Despicable Me theme. We love Despicable Me! Great movies if you haven't seen them. She started out by coloring the background and then added her collage (above). We'll be back next Wednesday with Challenges 13 and 14. See more posts from The Documented Life project here.

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Becca said...

This is so cute! I love birds, and especially noticed the piece of tatting on the second page…very nice!