Lots of New Jewels

I've been working on some new jewelry pieces lately, primarily to get ready for the Glynn Arts Festival that I participated in mid-April. I've done this show several times since it's just up the road in St. Simon's Island, Georgia, so I can sleep in my own bed.  Always a bonus!  It's a very well run show and usually has great crowds.  This year it was again a well-run show, but the crowds were pretty light.  I think there was just too much competition down in Jacksonville with One Spark and the San Marco Arts Festival.  I'm not sure how I missed hearing about the San Marco show as I would have done that one instead.  It's literally just 20 minutes from home!  There's always next year.

I'll admit I've had a hard time keep up with it all lately.  While I created lots of new work for this show, like this bracelet, I've yet to get them all photographed!  Hopefully soon!  As usual, I always stretch myself too thin. Add that to my day job being over the top busy and I haven't been getting a whole lot accomplished around the house.  The girls and I hope to get caught up on some of our Documented Life project prompts tomorrow, and then maybe I'll get around to photographing some new jewelry for you. Summer term has started, so hopefully that will mean a bit more time to play!

I hope that whether you are a mother, daughter, father, son, brother or sister, you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!  

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