Best Shot Monday: Bonnie and Clyde and a Blog Tour

Bonnie and Clyde 
If you've been hanging around here for any length of time, you know I love cows. These two are in a 20-acre-ish pasture across the street from the very large pasture we pass on the way to school every morning. We've named them Bonnie and Clyde and have discovered they rather enjoy being photographed! Every time I pull over, if they are anywhere within 30 yards or so of the fence, they'll meander on over to see me. They appear to be rather attached to each other as well, as we rarely see them more than 10-15 feet away from each other.  While there are many parts of Jacksonville that are fairly rural, I love that we have this little bit of country in our neighborhood. 

I've been asked to participate in a blog tour this week by the lovely Tami Chacon over at To Dream of Stars. Tami sent along a few questions for me to answer, so here goes!

What am I working on? Currently I'm in last minute panic prep mode for my 2014 Mermaids and Mamas Artful Adventure, which is this weekend! I've been working on getting all my samples made and all my crap supplies together. Once I get through next weekend, I'm looking forward to getting back to the Documented Life Project with Roben-Marie and the Art 5 ladies. This year, I've also been working on my Friends and Strangers project. The "strangers" portion is proving to be quite the challenge, but I'm not giving up!
 Melody Journal 
How does my work differ from others of its genre? Well, I don't think I really have a "genre." I work in a variety of media, from jewelry to photography to art journaling and mixed media to book making, so I think variety is the key for me. I created the journal page above during a class I took with Melody Ross at Serendipity last October. I love when I can mix my photography into my journals. You can see a clearer image of those cows here.

Why do I create what I do? I'm just a natural maker of things and have been for as long as I can remember. My grandmother was a seamstress and ceramics artist (she made my wedding gown), my great Aunt Livy was a wonderful photographer and maker of all sorts of things, and my mom was an amazing needleworker. I have many of her pieces in my house today. It's just what I do. It's part of who I am.

How does my creative process work? Ha! It's supposed to work? Well first, I have to make some space on my perpetually disastrous studio bench. I try to keep one side designated for jewelry and the other side designated for journaling and mixed media, but everything ends up everywhere regardless. I have a separate book table on which I tear down paper and stitch books as well as matte photographs for shipping. Right now, since I'm in that last minute panic mode for Mermaids and Mamas, my studio seriously looks like a bomb went off, with paper and glue sticks and paint brushes and punches and stencils and random beads that have rolled away everywhere.  But it works.  The mess is a bit stressful at times, and there's nothing better than spending a few hours completely cleaning up and reorganizing before mess-making all over again, but it somehow all works.  It's my little getaway. 

And now, what would a blog tour be without sending you along to meet a few other bloggers!  Each of these ladies will answer the questions I just answered next Monday, June 9. One of the things I've enjoyed most about blogging is having the opportunity to make connections with people all over the globe. The gals below are from Illinois, Colorado and California, and though we've never met in person (hopefully one day!), we've grown to be friends just the same.  I hope you'll pay them a visit, today and in the future!

Leanne Wargowsky, From Chaos Comes Happiness.  Here's a bit from Leanne... "This is my place in the universe where I am spreading my wings and sharing my dreams along the way.  Born, raised, and still living in the Chicagoland area, I started my adventure in blogland back in July of 2009 after stumbling upon the blogs and works of a number of scrapbook and mixed media idols of mine." I love Leanne's happy spirit and infectious personality. 

Stephanie Amos.  Here's a bit from Stephanie..."I'm a visual artist that creates art in multiple mediums: abstract painting, bronze sculpture, pottery, and photography. My most current work lies along the lines of contemporary functional pottery. I'm very much a colorist and bring that attribute to my work. I like to use bright, colorful glazes and often finish my pieces with a minimalistic touch."  I am quite enamored of both Stephanie's pottery and her horse paintings!

Jen Slutsly, By Jen, Running on Inspiration.  Here's a little from Jen..."I'm the mother of two growing girls (age 6 & 9) and happily married to my best friend (over 14 years). I am an optometrist by day. And I am an artist/crafter by night life, since creativity doesn't stop at night, or in my craft space--it fills my life. I am a fairly new runner (I began May 2011) contemplating a second marathon, having completed my first in December 2012 (CIM). I am a newly awakened optimist doing my best to cherish all that I have. I love being inspired and find it everywhere, whether it's on a run or a Pinterest board. I run on inspiration!"  The fact that Jen recently finished a marathon and actually wants to do another is awesome to me. I've done one, and I was done!  

I look forward to your posts next week, Leanne, Stephanie and Jen!  Thanks, all, for stopping in today! 


Stephanie Amos said...

I LOVE your shot of Bonnie and Clyde! You are such an amazing photographer Kelly. I always look forward to your shots of the dogs. ;) oxo

Leanne said...

Thank you SO much for sending friends my way, dear Kelly. I absolutely LOVE this tour, and love reading these new little tid-bits all about YOU and your creative self! (LOVE the photo, too! Makes me smile, as always!!) Hugs, dear friend!