Best Shot Monday: Redheads!

Boca 2014 1

We just spent our annual week in Boca Grande. Oh, how I love that place. This was my 35th year, and Benny and I got married there 19 years ago. Now these two are carrying on the tradition. We had a great week filled with boat rides, and golf cart rides (the vehicle of choice on the island), and shell searches, and Pink Pony ice cream runs, all wrapped up with good old family time together. We are happily a little sunburned and a lot rested, but we're ready to go right back again.

Boca 2014 2

I think the coolest moment of the week happened late Thursday afternoon, our last afternoon on the beach.  Benny and I were sitting just out of the reach of the waves while the girls were in the water searching for shells. Sarah brought up a beat up old three-four inch conch shell and ran back into the surf.  A couple minutes later, Livvie brought up a pretty tulip shell. When she looked down to our pile, she screamed "There's a baby octopus!"  Sure enough, a baby octopus, about two inches long, was climbing out of the shell Sarah had just brought us.  We scooped him up, put him back in the shell and carried him out to deeper water to grow up.  First time in my 35 years in Boca Grande that I've seen an octopus.
Boca 2014 3

Every year, the girls and I do a few sunset photo shoots on the beach, wrapping it up with silly faces shots. These three were my favorites from our shoots. We always play the lottery while we are down there in hopes we don't have to come back, but alas, we're back to work and summer camp today. We'll keep dreaming!

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Quiltin' Mama said...

Beautiful, sounds like a lovely place. So refreshing to have a go to place every year to refresh, refuel and be ready to take on the world again.