Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Documented Life: Weeks 14-16

I'm woefully behind on my Documented Life project, but I have a plan to catch up! Here are Weeks 14-16. 
 Week 14-Kelly

Week 14 was to write your name and embellish it. My tip in for this week was a piece of scrapbook paper, so I thankfully had a good background to start with. I used one of Roben-Marie's Art Pops cards and added my name in a variety of alphabet letters, embellishing with other stickers and washi tape.

Week 14-Kelly

This was the week I lost my sweet blind girl Savannah, so I featured her prominently on the journaling pages. This was also the first week I tried Roben-Marie's tutorial for creating the inside pages, which I loved! I hadn't thought of putting paint all over the place. I was afraid it wouldn't work on those thin pages, but it worked very well!

Week 14-Kelly

Week 15-Kelly

Week 15 called for going monochromatic, using shades, tints and hues of one color. I went with pink. (Shocking, right?) I like to pull fun graphics out of magazines, so that's where the Grow Love came from. I've cut out that ad twice now, but don't ask me what it's advertising because I can't remember!

Week 15-Kelly

I still need to add some journaling to the inside of Week 15.

Week 16-Kelly

Week 16's challenge was to use a cardbood food box or tray in a creative way. Well, my greatest food weakness on this earth is Girl Scout Do-Si-Do cookies. It's truly very sad. During cookie season, I buy what I think is a reasonable amount for our family. This year I initially bought one case of Do-Si-Do's. Well, those were gone way too fast, but alas, our troop was out of them and I couldn't find any more anywhere! I was I went to eBay. Yes, my friends, I bought a case of Do-Si-So's from a cookie mom on eBay. And then my friend Dan, whose wife Christy must also be a cookie mom, brought me another nearly full case. That was in February. Out of all that, I only have five boxes left.

Week 16-Kelly

I still need to add some journaling to the inside of Week 16. Undoubtedly it will be about sailing away on a large cruise ship full of Do-Si-Do's. The redheads are just as behind as I am, but they want to catch up with me. Hopefully I will be sharing more of their pages soon! Oh, and for my catch up plan...every week now, I'm doing the current week's challenge and one catch-up challenge. That's the plan anyways...

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stephanie amos said...

Oh my gosh Kelly! I absolutely LOVE your journal! You are such an inspiration...I had no idea about the cookies! ;) oxo

Quiltin' Mama said...

They all look lovely! I always get behind on these things- I made it through 5 months in my Draw your awesome life- but then I was living life full . . 2 graduations, Confirmation, Eagle Court of Honor . . .life Happens and I am now also trying to catch my self up in that class . . .

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks Stephanie!