Best Shot Monday Times Two

Happy Monday!  I thought I'd share a little behind the scenes of the Happy Shack for Best Shot Monday this week.  My girls are in 6th grade this year, so they've started getting electives.  Neither of them were scheduled for any of the electives they asked for, but they seem to be enjoying them just the same.
First Chorus Concert

One of the electives Olivia got was Chorus. When I saw this on her schedule, I was sure she was going to hate it as she is definitely not the singer of the two. At any given moment in the car, you can hear Sarah singing along to whomever is on the radio, be it Taylor Swift's latest pop or AC/DC's Back in Black.  But Livvie?  Only if she's making fun of the song.  But surprisingly, Chorus is now one of her favorite classes (along with PE...are you seeing a theme here?...both easy A's?)  Last week, she had her first Chorus concert, and I dare say she looked like she was actually enjoying herself!  Here she is between her friends Adrianna and Emily. It's a blurry cell phone pic, but I still love the smiles. 

Extra Credit for French Class

One of the electives Sarah got was French.  We are all actually enjoying this, as Sarah is speaking little dabs of French to us at all times. I'm quite certain we'll be ready to go to Paris by the summer.  We came across this Eiffel Tower lamp in World Market over the weekend and she asked me to take a picture of it and text it to her so she could show it to "Monsieur" for extra credit.

I hope you have a great week!   Want more Best Shot Monday?  Click here

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