Best Shot Monday: Wiggles and Tweetle Dum

Most often I photograph dogs at the shelter, but during my last shoot, I had already photographed all the available dogs so I headed in to try some cats.  They don't cooperate with me nearly as well as the dogs do, but every now and then I'm still able to capture a little magic.

Meet Wiggles (above) and Tweetle Dum (below).  These two are a bonded pair that came in together as owner surrenders.  Next to abuse cases, owner surrenders break my heart the most.  Put yourself in their furry little paws. They've been in a home, these two together for many years, and then all the sudden their owner takes them into the shelter and leaves them there.  How would you feel?  Scared and abandoned, right?  These two are struggling for those very reasons.  Their best shot to regain a happy life is with someone who will adopt them as a pair.  Wiggles is a six-year-old male seal point Siamese, and Tweetle Dum is an eight-year-old male brown tabby.

Here's what Priscilla, one of our shelter volunteers, has to say about these two handsome boys: "I love these 2 babies !! They love attention and are so sweet together. Wiggles was very shy at first but now loves to be petted, and so does Tweetle Dum. I put some toys in their cage, and they both started playing with them. I pray they go to the same home because they really need each other."

Our next Mega Adoption Event at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds is this weekend, October 10-12, 10am-6pm, but I sure would like to see these two find a home before Friday.  They've been at the shelter since August 21.  Wiggles ID number is A824709; Tweetle Dum is A824708.  They are waiting for you at Animal Care and Protective Services, 2020 Forest Street, in the Riverside area of Jacksonville.
Tweetle Dum_A824708

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