The Documented Life Project: Week 38

Week 38-1

Week 38's challenge for The Documented Life Project was "Draw, paint, doodle, or sketch a feather onto your page.  Don't draw, paint, doodle or sketch?  Incorporate a real feather onto your page!"  Living on the water so close to the beach, we always have a collection of various seabird feathers around so I went the real feather route.

Week 38-2

These first two photos are scans. This book is becoming incredibly difficult to photograph!  The large feather is an osprey feather we found in the yard. The smaller one is a dove feather we found in the parking lot walking to the Sun's game!  Since I've been taking Liv Lane's Choosing Beauty course, I've been finding feathers everywhere. Just this morning, I found nearly half a dozen in our driveway.

Week 38-3

Week 38-4

The background for these pages are old ledgers and things my friend Cindy Woods sent me. I thought with feathers, I'd add some egg shapes, cut from pieces of my leftover sidekicks, below.  The highlight of the week this week was Sarah joining me for the FSU/Clemson game.  She's quite the trooper and tends to be able to handle the late games better than Livvie can.   But as that game went into overtime, well well well past her bedtime, she just prayed for SOMEONE to win so she could go to bed! :-) Thankfully our Seminoles bagged the win.

Week 38-5

The Art to the 5th gals will be revealing their plans for DLP 2015 November 1. Looking forward to seeing what they have up their sleeves! See all the challenges for the 2014 Documented Life Project here. See more of my DLP pages here.

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