The Documented Life: Week 35

Week 35-3-72

Week 35's challenge for The Documented Life project was to draw, sketch, paint, or doodle a face or cut and alter one from a book or magazine.  If you've spent any time following or even just poking around this blog, you've probably picked up on the fact that, other than my children's faces, my favorite faces are furry!  So given the opportunity, those are the faces I chose to highlight. (If you are hopping over from the Documented Life Facebook group and want to see my shelter photography, check out this Flickr set for the more than 1,000 furry faces I've photographed for our city shelter.) 

Week 35-2-72

I pulled these images from a great little magazine called Rescue Me. You can visit them on Facebook here.  If I remember correctly, the kitten was part of a food advertisement.  The dog is from a great campaign from the Shelter Pet Project.  I love these ads that speak from the animal's perspective. 

Week 35-1-72

These spreads actually came together rather quickly since I used the magazine photos as the focus (I'm terrified of drawing, particularly faces, so this was my best option this week...I really need to take Dina Wakley's drawing faces class!).  I embellished the images with paint pens, rub ons and a few random stickers.  The "Together Forever" sticker brought the message home.

Week 35-5-72

If you are looking to add a four-legged friend to your family, please consider shelter animals!  Adopt, don't shop!  There are amazing animals waiting there for you, and believe me, they know that you are rescuing them.  Rescued pets make the very best pets.  See what's up at our shelter here.  Check out my other Documented Life posts here, and catch up on the whole project on the Art to the 5th blog here!

Week 35-4-72


Stephanie Amos said...

Kelly, your pages are such a gorgeous work of art! I love seeing what you are up to! Happy Friday my friend! PS Thank you for being such an amazing advocate for the voiceless furry critters. I just LOVE them! xoxo

Kelly Warren said...

Thank you Stephanie! And thanks for stopping in!