The Documented Life Project: Week 40 Brings Big Changes

Week 40-5

Week 40 of the Documented Life Project brought big changes to our little world.  Maybe it was fitting that the challenge was to paint or color with three colors you never use because what does that involve?  Change!  Doing something different!

Week 40-1

The tip in I had for this week was a piece of scrapbook paper with a palm tree vaguely in the background. I don't really have colors I never use because I only buy colors I like, so instead I went to my bin full of paints and pulled out three that I hadn't opened yet. So technically, I had never used them!  They were a neon yellow green, a deep blue, and a sky blue. I used them to bring out that palm tree and then used the colors again to stencil some open space.  I finished it off with black Sharpie pen work. On the inside spread, I glued in some papers from my deli paper stash and brought out the colors.  On the left side, the ghost of that giant bloom was on the deli paper and I just brought it out with paint and markers.
Week 40-2

So the big change for our world?  On Wednesday of Week 40, I interviewed for a new job. On Thursday, I was offered the job. On Friday, I accepted the job.  I have been at my current college for 22 years!  22 years!  So yes, this is a huge change for me. I've accepted the position of Executive Director of the Florida College System Activities Association.  Since it's a state level position, it involves an even bigger change than just changing jobs: we will actually be moving to Tallahassee!

Week 40-3

That's the part we are still having a hard time wrapping our heads around. We absolutely love our home and our neighborhood, and really our whole life here, so the change will be THAT major for us.  But after all the soul searching and little messages from above, we know it's the right thing for us to do. We won't sell our home here, but rather rent it out the right family. The new folks I will be working for are being wonderfully accommodating, allowing me to work half the week from Tallahassee and half the week from home in Jacksonville for now so we don't have to move the girls in the middle of the school year. We'll then make the official move next summer.
Week 40-6

This a truly an incredible opportunity for me, and I'm grateful my family is fully on-board (Benny actually had to convince me it was the right thing to do!). The girls are very apprehensive about the move, we all are, but on the upside we'll be moving to a much better school district. That will be a blessing for them.  And since I am a Florida State University graduate, for me, it's a bit like moving back to my second home.  I love the town, and I know even as much as we'll miss home, I think Benny and the girls will grow to love it, too. We'll get a lot of use out of our camper coming back home to visit Jacksonville and our friends here often. I start December 1!

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Week 40-4


Colleen O said...

Love the colors....keep using them!

Leeaync said...

Great colors and ideas! Congratulations on the new and exciting job! What wonderful new adventures await you and the family.