A Little (um, Big) Christmas Gift for Ted

Ted 1

Over these past couple of weeks, Benjamin has been slaving over a picnic table.  Not eating, mind you, as would normally be the case, but creating a custom picnic table for our dear friend Ted of THE Chowder Ted's.  Benny built the table and then his friend Brian provided him with the projector to project Ted's logo onto the table for burning. The redheads and I pitched in from there, helping to burn in the logo as well as adding our special notes on the table.  We delivered it to a surprised Ted yesterday morning. So, Chowder Ted's fans!  The Warren family has reserved seats at that table in the back!  We're grateful to Ted and the whole Ted's family for giving us our favorite neighborhood seafood joint!

Ted 6

Ted 5

Ted 4

Ted 2

Ted 3

Ted 7

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CraftyHope said...

I'm cracking up here. I hopped over to your blog after you left a comment on mine and what should I find but Chowder Ted's!! We have some friends that live in Jacksonville and they insisted we check out that little hole in the wall, a favorite place of theirs. We loved it there! In fact, we can't wait to go visit them (soon hopefully) to hit up Ted's place again. I'll definitely keep an eye out for y'alls table when we make it that way. It's lovely!