Best Shot Monday: Christmas Morning 2014

BoneYard Beach-2014

We have a Christmas morning tradition of taking the dogs to the beach after the gifts are opened (which is usually by 6am!)  We wait until the sun comes up, but we are still at the beach normally by 8am so we have it completely to ourselves.  Most times, we go to Big Talbot Island and take the Blackrock Beach trail to what's known to us locals as Boneyard Beach. The shot above was my favorite of the morning. Not really sure why! I think it's just the angles of the image, maybe?

BoneYard Beach-2014

Each year it gets more and more difficult to access the actual beach, and you definitely have to time your visit with the tides.  Erosion has taken its toll, but erosion is what makes Boneyard Beach what it is!  The steps to the beach have been gone for a few years now, so at this point, it's a shimmy down the bluff.  Livvie loving on Molly above.

BoneYard Beach-Mama and Girls 2014

And yes, we usually look like we just rolled out of bed. You know how Christmas morning goes! Who has time to put on makeup and do her hair? Nice shot of Isabelle's butt here. :-)

BoneYard Beach-2014

BoneYard Beach- Benny 2014

Benjamin hates to have his photo taken, so shots of him are always a bit, um, different.

BoneYard Beach-On the trail 201BYB 6 Ma4

This shot is a tradition as well...the girls walking the dogs.  Our visit this year was a bit bittersweet, as we don't know what we'll be doing next Christmas!  With our move to Tallahassee summer 2015, we'll see what next Christmas brings.  If we end up deciding to not rent out our home here in Jacksonville, we'll probably come home for Christmas break!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and joyous holiday season!  May you have a happy, healthy and adventurous 2015!

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