iHanna Postcard Swap 2014

I'm woefully behind (yes, I realize this is an ongoing theme...), but I've finally finished my postcards for this year's iHanna swap!  They are mailing Monday!  I've only received about half of mine, so I'm glad to know I'm not the only one behind.  This year, I decided to use my photographs as the background, create a quote digitally on top on the photo and then add little bits of paper collage on top. Half of these are going to international recipients in Australia, The Netherlands, Germany and Canada, and the other half will be traveling to various places in the U.S.  Making the most of my photos, I'm doing this same process for Jessica Brogan's Inspirational Card Deck Swap. :-) These were inspired by artist Mae Chevrette.  I am totally enamored with her work and recently bought this print for my apartment in Tallahassee.
ihanna 2014-5

ihanna 2014-4

ihanna 2014-3

ihanna 2014-2

ihanna 2014-1

ihanna 2014-10

ihanna 2014-9

ihanna 2014-8

ihanna 2014-7

ihanna 2014-6

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