The Documented Life Project: Week 44

Week 44-1

Week 44's challenge for the Documented Life Project was to incorporate real or drawn leaves onto our page. The first thing that came to mind was a leaf print stamp I had from Alisa Burke.

Week 44-2

Week 44-6 
As I've been working through my sticker stash on this project, I managed to use up another sheet on the interior spread!  (Do you find it odd that I have a gazillion stickers and piles of scrapbook papers, yet I've never been a scrapbooker?  I believe I have obsessive-compulsive issues with pretty papers and stickers...tell me I'm not alone...) 

Week 44-5

These "what if" and "it happened" stickers were included in the stickers that came with the Moleskine. They probably were never intended to be used together, but I thought, together, they posed an interesting thought, don't you think?  

Week 44-3

Week 45-7

The highlights for this week included three lunch dates with old friends and colleagues. I was working in lunch dates as I was preparing for my departure from the college! This week also brought our annual Fall Fest on campus, a little bitter sweet as it was my last one, and Halloween!  I wrapped up on the week Sunday at the shelter photographing the pups. 

Week 44-4

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iHanna said...

Love the yumminess of this spread, the leaf stamp is awesome.

And no. You are not alone in being a pretty paper and sticker horder! I've got stickers left from when I was a kid, and new Hello Kitty stickers from this year, hehe. I have the same taste as when I was 7!