The Documented Life Project: Weeks 46 and 47

Week 46-3

We are winding down!  Week 46's challenge for the Documented Life Project was to incorporate fabric into our page.  Canvas is a type of fabric, yes?  A couple years back, I took Tracy Verdugo's Paint Mojo class; Art 5-ers Roben-Marie and Sandi were there too!  That painting has been sitting around gathering dust, so I decided to cut it up and use it for this challenge.
 Week 46-1

I was hesitant to cut it off the canvas frame at first, but once I made that first cut and realized the new possibilities, I was so glad I did! I was never going to do anything with it in the state it was in, so why not find another use for it?  It was a 30 x 30 inch canvas, so I now have a lot of painted canvas I can cut up and use for other projects.  You can see the painting here.

Week 46-4

Week 46 was my last week at the college, so it was a very emotional week for me. On that Wednesday, my students surprised me with another going away party. They totally had me fooled.  They missed two week's worth of our regular Tuesday SGA meetings due to an event the first week and the Veteran's Day holiday the second week, so my SGA President, Irene, asked if we could have a meeting on Wednesday.

Week 46-5

When I walked down to the meeting, I was met with the whole group and a large banner that they had created and all written notes on. There were flowers and tons of food!  I was amazed they were able to keep that a total surprise for me.  I'm two weeks into the new role, and while I'm enjoying it, I definitely miss having the students around. My new office is entirely too quiet!

Week 47-1

Week 47's challenge was to add a map of our town, state or country and document about the map. Being a native, life-long Floridian, of course, I pulled out my state.  I added to it by highlighting where I've lived in Florida, favorite places and the change I'm currently navigating. This was my first week between jobs, so it was quite a nice lazy week. I definitely needed to decompress, so I spent much of the week playing in my studio, along with a day photographing pups at the shelter.
Week 47-4

I'll be working from home this upcoming week and then have two weeks off for the Christmas break, so I'll be wrapping up the Documented Life Project 2014 and getting ready for 2015! See all my DLP posts here, and check out what the amazing Art to the 5th gals are up to on their blog here.

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