A Little Camera Necklace

Camera Necklace

It's rare that I sit down to make a fun little jewel just for me, but that's what I did yesterday. The girls and I found this camera charm at Hobby Lobby, and they decided it was the perfect size for a play camera for their American Girl dolls. Well, I decided it was the perfect size for a fun little piece for me, given that I often have a camera around my neck!  I finished it off with some 8mm copper Czech crystals and brass wire and chain. It's rather satisfying to complete something in about 15 minutes. It'll be a fun little necklace for t-shirt day!  I'll be doing Springtime Tallahassee again this year with my jewelry, so I best get busy building up pieces for that show!


peggy gatto said...

love it!!!!!!

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks Peggy! Hope you are doing well!