The Documented Life Project (2014): Filling In Weeks 17-23

I spent three days over the Christmas break glued to my workbench completing my 2014 Documented Life Project. With the exception of the chunk of weeks 17-29, I had done a fairly good job of keeping up!  Those weeks included some of my busiest times of the year at work, the end of the school year for the girls and our annual vacation to Boca Grande.  This week I'll be sharing the rest of my book with you!
Week 17 
Week 17's challenge was to photograph or draw your favorite shoes (above). I have three "favorites," but they are more like categories. One is cowboy boots; I have three pairs and am constantly on the lookout for the next pair I can't resist. Next is Converse-style sneaks (or the Payless knockoffs!); I currently have four pairs of those: hot pink, plaid, camo, and floral. But my most favorite by far are the soles of my own two feet. If at all possible, I prefer to be barefoot. As for my girls, I've also included a fun little Instagram pic of their feet. For those of you who have followed the Daily Dose of Awesomeness on Facebook, you'll have no trouble telling who is whom.

Week 18

Week 18's challenge was to add an inspiring quote to guide your week.

Week 19-1

Week 19's challenge was to document a random act of kindness that you've done. Since I was doing backfill for these weeks and actually completed them in late December, I had a hard time remembering much from the actual week other than what would normally be on my calendar for that time frame, so instead I just created a page that I felt represented kindness. That beautiful image came out of an old Papaya Arts calendar.

Week 20

Week 20's challenge was to use a rubber stamp in a new way. I stumbled across this stamp in the Michael's dollar bin and bought two of them: one for the girls and me and one to give away.

Week 21-1

Week 21's challenge was to add embroidery, embroidery floss or fabric to your page. Not only can you find "I love my dog" stamps in the Michael's dollar bin, but you can also find these fun little stickers that were like rick racks of fabric. I used the fabric strips to divide the lines of a quote.

Week 22-1

Week 22's challenge was to draw, paint or sketch a house. This is my vision of our little happy shack, full of color. I added a quote that fit the theme. This week was our 19th wedding anniversary. Our very first date was to a Jacksonville Sun's game, so we always try to go to a Sun's game on our anniversary or a date nearby if there is not a game on that date. This year, we had a game on our anniversary, and it just so happened to be the game that won the Suns the Southern League Championship! The dog at the bottom symbolizes a visit to Sunday Funday at the shelter for a photo shoot.

Week 23-1

Week 23's challenge was to practice gratitude. This challenge couldn't have come on a better week. That week my girls graduated from elementary school. Their graduation ceremony was on that Monday. We were blessed with six years, kindergarten through 5th grade, at New Berlin Elementary. I'm very grateful for the wonderful teachers my girls had there.
  Week 23-2 
Weeks 24-29 coming up next! See more of my posts from the 2014 Documented Life Project here.  And check out everything the gals from Art to the 5th have to offer here!

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