Best Shot Monday: Meet Penny

Meet Penny. I photographed this sweet girl early this morning. I'm not sure of her back story yet, but I suspect there's been some abuse there. When I began to get her out of her kennel to take her outside, she immediately crouched down and tucked her head, but once I got the leash on her and coaxed her outside, she opened up a bit. She still was not a ball of energy, pretty cautious of her surroundings, but as soon as I squatted down with her, she crawled right into my lap. What a little lover she is. We stayed outside for quite a while, and she was so reluctant to go back in that I actually had to carry her. Once back in, it was clear she was frightened by all the noise in the shelter as she continued to tuck her head into me, so I sat in her kennel with her for a few minutes trying to soothe her fears.  Sometimes it truly breaks my heart imagining what these dogs have been through.

Penny's currently being treated for heart worms and has some skin issues the great staff at ACPS are currently helping her with, but once she clears up, I have a feeling this little girl will love you like no other and be just as beautiful on the outside and she appears to be on the inside. She is available for adoption at Animal Care and Protective Services, 2020 Forest Street, in the Riverside area of Jacksonville. She's three years old an her ID number is A907438. Follow ACPS on Facebook here.

On the lighter side, below is what happens when you try to take a selfie with a DSLR.  :-)  That's me with Bethany, a three-year-old Shepherd mix, ID number A906890, also available for adoption!

Kelly and Bethany

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