2015 Documented Life Project: Weeks 5-8

Still chugging along on the 2015 Documented Life Project! Here are Weeks 5-8!

Week 5's challenge was "under papers" (below). I love to use my under papers, so this was an easy one for me. I picked a piece and then just started adding to it. The leaves, white circles, pink circles and purple circles were all additions. I outlined them with the Stabilo All pencil and a water brush. Finally getting the hang of that!
Week 5-3 Kelly 72

Week 5-2 Kelly 72

Week 5-1 Kelly-72

Week 6's challenge was "when not to stop" (below). I really had fun with this spread. I just started pulling pieces and parts of whatever was around me on my work bench and collaged them in. That beautiful face is from a page from an old Papaya Arts day planner. I added to it with some pen work, butterfly stickers and other collaged papers. I kept every piece of that planner because it was full of such beautiful artwork! The door in the bottom right is my front door; that's the same photo I used for our very first challenge in 2014 Documented Life Project. I added torn receipts, stickers, 3-D butterflies, all sorts of stuff. I topped it off with some Wild Honey Distress Ink blended in with Liquetex Matte Varnish (a technique I learned from Orly at An Artful Journey).

Week 6-2 Kelly 72

Week 6-3 Kelly 72

Week 6-1 Kelly 72

Week 7's challenge was "cover up the good stuff" (below). I'm not what all I covered up here, but I just kept layering and layering. I started by squishing around some hot pink and orange paint and inks and then added some stenciling, stamping, die cuts, and pen work. I even included some spray painting in there, done in the wee hours of the night in the garage. That should keep the marsh rats away!

Week 7-3 Kelly 72

Week 7-2 Kelly 72

Week 7-1 Kelly 72

Lastly, week 8's challenge was "repeating elements" (below). I started with a barely used piece of under paper and spread some white gesso on it. Then I added repeating circle elements of various sizes in different color paints and doodles.

Week 8-3 Kelly 72

Week 8-2 Kelly 72

Week 8-1 Kelly 72

My new job has kept me crazy busy, so I while I'm trying to keep up with this project, I don't have much extra time to photograph and share my work! I just returned from the state basketball tournaments, will head to the state Brain Bowl tournament on Thursday, and then that will be followed by the Student Government Legislative Rally, the state Tennis tournament, the state Softball tournament and the state Baseball tournament, all between now and the first week in May. Whew!

Catch up with the 2015 Documented Life Project and all that the Art to the 5th girls have to offer on their blog here!

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