Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap

Liberate 2
For the first time this year, I participated in Kat Sloma's Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap. What was a little bit different about this postcard swap was that instead of making individual, hand-crafted postcards, the goal of this was to help you learn how to have your art professionally printed onto a postcard.  I just so happened to have recently had one of my photographs printed on postcards to pop into packages when I get an order, so this gave me a good excuse to get more images created onto postcards!  Above are the postcards I sent!  Clockwise from top left are my 1947 Chevy Firetruck, Peeking, Dandelion Wishes1966 Mustang Pony, and Smile.

Liberate 1

Above are the beautiful postcards I received from all over the world! Clockwise from top left are postcards from Anton in Portland, Oregon; Imelda from Portland, Oregon; Kat (the organizer) from Portland, Oregon; Judith from Portland, Oregon; Debra from Grant, Florida; and Sharon, all the way from New Zealand.  This was a fun easy swap that I really enjoyed.  It's always nice to find something other than bills and junk mail in your mail box!  You can click here for a blog hop of other participants and click here for a wrap up of this year's swap. 


Sheila said...

Your photos are lovely - Mustang, yeah! Always wanted one of those. Hope you will take part in the swap next year too :)

Snap said...

This was my third year to participate in LYA. I'm always amazed by the variety of cards collected by everyone. I do love mail call! Your cards are all wonderful.

Anonymous said...

beautiful cards that you sent out. And you got some cool ones in return

Anonymous said...

Love your colorful blog... Best wishes from Brittany, France

~*~Patty S said...

Beautiful cards you sent and received.
I must admit (this was my first year too) that making individual collaged art cards is something I am more comfortable with.
Art mail is the best.

Suzette Rothlisberger said...

So happy to have participated in the Swap this year and so wonderful to see what you received. See you text time!