Best Shot Monday: Meet Oliver

Kelly and Oliver 1

Meet Oliver! I photographed him last Sunday and immediately fell in love. He's quite the charmer. There have been many dogs at the shelter who've moved me, and Oliver is certainly something special. He came in as a stray, but it's clear he's suffered some abuse. He's about 30 pounds underweight and has scarring all over his face.  But as shown above, that certainly has not diminished his love for those two-legged people he can obviously tell love him. 

Oliver at intake

Above is Oliver when he came in at intake. You can clearly see the sores all over his face.


And above is the shot I took of him for the website. It's clear here the love and care that Jacksonville's Animal Care and Protective Services staff put into these dogs. Yes, you can see his scars -- he'll probably always have them -- but look at that sweet face all healed up.


And above is Oliver in his new foster home! A fellow volunteer and foster saw his photo on my Facebook page and messaged me about him. After a successful meet and greet with one of her pack, she took him home to foster him, and he's doing very well! Thank you, Jenna, for fostering! I know that under your care, Oliver will thrive and be snapped up by his very lucky forever family very soon.

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